Institutional Data Request

If the information you are seeking cannot be found in any of the reports available on the JCU website, please use this form to request additional data.

Side note: data on enrollment, retention, and graduation rates can be found on the Institutional Research webpage; the security reports and crime logs can be found on the JCUPD webpage; etc.

Please be sure to complete all fields and include a detailed description of your request.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness strives to return requested data as quickly as possible. Please give us as much notice as possible when requesting data with a deadline.

The typical turnaround time for processing requests is 1-2 weeks; however, things like time of year and complexity may impact how long it takes to complete the request.

Please provide accurate contact information, as you may be contacted to discuss your request in more detail.

If you would like assistance filling out this form, please email

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Service Offerings (5)

Argos Report Change
Request a new Argos report or request changes or access to an existing report.
Data or Information Request
Request data or information about John Carroll's enrollment, employees, operations, or alumni.
Draft Survey Review
Submit your draft survey for review in accordance with the Survey Administration Policy.
Listserv Change
Request a new Listserv or request access or changes to an existing Listserv or University-owned mailing list.
Training Request
Request access to training for a specific John Carroll University software program.