Jamf Connect

Signing into a Mac using Jamf Connect


  • A Mac owned and managed by JCU
  • A network connection (device does not need to be on the JCU network) 

This Article Covers:

  • What is Jamf Connect?

  • The new log in process

What Is Jamf Connect?

Jamf connect is a tool that has the ability to securely communicate with JCU's identity management infrastructure and act as a liason between Microsoft and Apple services. Connect ensures that you can sign in on your Mac from any network, with your most up to date password.

Log In Process

  1. When logging in you will now see the screen pictured below.
  2.  Type your full John Carroll email address (ex ) and enter your JCU password.
  3. Click "Next".
  4. If you see someone else's name instead of yours in the dialog box below, the previous user did not log out, and you will need to power cycle the device

5. You will be asked to enter your JCU password a second time

6. This serves as a check step to ensure the sync between our Microsoft services and the Apple device is current.

7. The system will setup your account, it make take a few minutes.

When using a public lab computer, please be sure to log out of the system when done. Go to the Apple Icon at the top left side of your screen and chose "Log Out".


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