Banner is the system of record for JCU data, including student records, registration, financial aid, human resources, payroll, and finance.

Banner Applications

  • Student Profile -- access your student academic information and find links to common student services
  • Employee Dashboard -- access your employee information, including payroll and time reporting
  • Self Service Registration -- plan your course schedule and register for classes
  • Faculty Grade Entry
  • Adviser Profile -- adviser view of student academic information
  • Admin Pages -- an interface to curate Banner data

Who is eligible to use it?

Faculty, staff, and students.  Some applications are restricted to specific individuals or affiliations.

How do I request / access it?

Links to all Banner applications and services can be found on the Banner@JCU Hompage (

Access to Banner Admin Pages may be requested by an employee's supervisor via the Banner Access Request Form, must be approved by the appropriate data stewards and Information Technology Services, and may include required training prior to approval.


Training videos are available Banner@JCU Hompage (  Additional training may also be requested from Enterprise Applications.

Request Support Access Banner@JCU Request Admin Pages


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Banner Issues/Problems
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Request Admin Pages Access
Request access to Admin Pages. Must be submitted by the Supervisor.