Poster Printing


ITS can print posters for university events, department signage, presentations or for personal use. Please see the University's Posting Policy if you are planning to display the poster in a public, on-campus space.

For flyers and smaller signage please contact the Copy Center.


  • Matte, glossy, and canvas paper types
  • Posters can be any size as long as the short side is less than 42 inches

Who is eligible to use it?

All members of the JCU community.

How do I request / access it?

Please use the request form on the right.

PDF or JPEG formatted files are preferred, but PNG or PowerPoint files are also accepted. Please make sure your image file is sized to the exact dimensions you want the poster printed as.

How much does it cost?

Prices are a flat rate fee. We accept ORG / department code, cash, or check.

  • $20 - Bond (matte / plain) paper
  • $30 - Glossy paper
  • $60 - Vinyl
  • $60 - Adhesive Vinyl
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