Creating a Poster for the Service Desk to Print

Below are two methods for creating a poster file. This article focuses on how to create a poster that is properly sized and formatted for ITS's plotter. A Google search for poster design guidelines will provide more info for how to layout and present your information in a poster format.

This Article Covers:

Creating a poster with PowerPoint

  1. Open a blank PowerPoint document.

  2. On the design tab, click the Slide Size button then the Custom Slide Size option.

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  3. Enter the width and height in inches that you'd like your poster to be then click OK. IT is limited to printing 42" or less for the width.

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  4. Add content and arrange it as desired.

  5. When finished designing your poster, slide the zoom slider (bottom right of the PowerPoint window) to 100% and examine the pictures and text of your poster. If anything appears blurry here it will also appear blurry on the poster. You can fix blurriness issues by using a higher resolution or alternative picture.

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  6. When you are ready to submit the poster for printing it is helpful if you save the PowerPoint as a JPG or PDF file. Doing so will make sure that the font and pictures stay exactly the same when ITS opens the file.​​​​​​

    1. Click File > Save As

    2. Navigate to where you'd like to save the copy

    3. Underneath the File name field change the Save as type to JPEG or PDF, then click save.

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Creating a poster on

  1. Log into Canva with your JCU email. See the Canva article under Related Articles for more info.

  2. Create a new design, choosing the Custom size option.

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  3. Change the measurement units to inches and enter the desired width and height of your poster.

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  4. Use the design tools on the left to create your poster. See Canva's training articles for more details.

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  5. When you are finished designing your poster use the zoom slider in the bottom right to change the zoom to 100%. Check the pictures in your poster and make sure they are not blurry or pixelated.

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  6. Choose the File > Download option to download your poster. Download it as a PNG, JPG, or PDF.

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