Setting up Email Delegation


The instructions below are designed for setting up delegation to a departmental or shared email mailbox. Email accounts of this nature are viewed and managed by multiple people and all users have the ability to access the full mailbox’s functions. This is ideal for a department email account, ex: or an organization email account, ex:

This Article Covers:


  • Do you have the password to the department or organization email account?


  • Setting up 2-Step Authentication

    The first step in using a delegated mailbox is to set one person up as the administrator for the account. This person will be responsible for adding and removing people’s access to this account. Once that person is identified they should set up dual authentication for this mailbox following the instructions provided on our website.

    • When setting up 2FA for a shared account keep the following in mind:

      • Never use a personal phone number or email account.

      • Don’t use another shared email account

      • Instead, use a departmental phone number

  • Setting up Email Delegation

    • Go to and click on Sign In
    • Enter your shared email address, click Next

    • Enter the password for this account, click Next

      • If you don’t know the password for this account or have access to the 2-step verification method you can call the Service Desk, x3005, and we can assist with resetting this password.

    • Once logged into the shared mailbox, click on the gear (upper right corner of the screen) and select Settings


    • In the settings menu, click on the Accounts and Import t

    • Under the  “Grant access to your account” section, click on Add another account

    • Enter the email address of the person you would like to give access.

      • This step triggers an email to that person and they must accept the invitation. Users invited to have delegated access will receive an invite that must be accepted within 24 hours before expiring. 

      • Once the invitation is accepted it can take upwards of an hour for the mailbox to show up

        **Please don't share the password to the shared account. Use delegation for giving access instead.
  • Viewing a Delegated Email

    Once delegation has been done and the invitation has been accepted you will be able to view this email account through your jcu email account.

    • Log into your email account

      • This must be the account that accepted the invitation. 

    • Click on the John Carroll University logo in the top right corner and select the account that you would like to view

      • The mailbox will open up in a separate tab


Delegate and Collaborate on email


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