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Pinned Article Free Office 365 for Personal Devices

Office 365 can be installed for free on your personal computer.

Banner Self-Service Display Issues

Instructions for resolving display issues (including missing fields and in-operative menus) in Banner applications by clearing the web browser cache.

FiGASR Installation

Setup instructions for the FiGASR R package.

How to Resize Your VM Window

Review this article for instructions on how to re-size your VM screen on campus.

JCU Digital Portal

Connection and usage instructions for JCU Digital Portal.

myJCU Portal

This article covers the myJCU Portal, its functionality, and common issues you may encounter.

Office 365 Activation Issues

Troubleshooting steps if you don't have editing access for Microsoft Office

Recovering Deleted Files

Learn how to recover recently deleted files from your H: or O: drives on a Windows computer. You can restore files from the Recycle Bin or use backup snapshots to retrieve previous versions of files. Additionally, discover how to recover files deleted from Google Drive by accessing the Trash folder and restoring them to their original location.

Resolve the "Your Organization has deleted this device" Error Message

Steps to resolve the error code:700003 error when signing into an Office 365 app.

Self-Service Software Installation

How to install pre-approve software on JCU managed computers.

Setting up a Default Email Client

Learn how to set your preferred email client as the default one for mailto links on your Windows or MacOS computer, as well as configure your web browser to use Gmail when handling email links, with step-by-step instructions provided for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

Switch Adobe Sign In Methods

This article covers how to sign out of Adobe fully and then walks you through the process for signing into Adobe using the correct method for our Adobe license type.