Troubleshooting J.P. Morgan Statements Printing without the Text

There is a known issue with statements from J.P. Morgan not printing correctly on Xerox copiers. The text boxes are visible, but the text is not.

Impacted Systems

The issue occurs if you meet these 3 requirements:

  • Windows computer
  • Printing to a Xerox copier
  • The statement is opening in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge


* Option A is recommended for most cases since Option B can negatively impact the print quality of other documents printed from Adobe Acrobat.

Print from Adobe Acrobat

The printing error is caused by a miscommunication between the Xerox copier and Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge. If the statement is instead opened in Adobe Acrobat and then printed it bypasses the issue.

  1. Download or open the statement like you normally would.

  2. Now open File Explorer and locate the statement in your Downloads folder.
    The statement in the Downloads folder.

  3. Right-click on the statement, hover over the Open with option, then choose Adobe Acrobat.
    The Open with > Adobe Acrobat option in the context menu.

  4. Once the document opens in Acrobat you can print it by going to File>Print. It should print properly with all of the text.

Turn off PostScript Pass-through for the copier.

As an alternative to printing from Acrobat you can instead turn off the pass-through option in your printer settings. This will allow the statements to print properly from your web browser, but may cause Adobe Acrobat to incorrect print some details (a gradient printing instead as a solid color, for example).

  1. Open your Start Menu and search for "Control Panel". Click to open it.
    The search menu showing the results for Control Panel.

  2. Choose the Devices & Printers option.
    The Control Panel window

  3. Right-click on your printer and choose the Printing preferences option.
    The context menu for the Xerox copier. Printing preferences is highlighted.

  4. Once the preferences window option click on the Advanced tab.

  5. Expand the Driver section and look for PostScript Pass-Through: option.
    The print preferences window showing where to find the pass-through option

  6. Click where it says Enabled, and change it to Disabled.

  7. Click Apply and then OK. You can now print your statement from your web browser.

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