How to Resize Your VM Window

Read below for instructions on how to quickly re-size your VM window if it is not showing properly.


  • Active JCU student or FSA account, in good standing.
  • On Campus access to a ThinClient or ZeroClient workstation.

This Article Covers:


Step 1. Click on View menu

Step 2. Re-size Window


If you log into any computer on campus and see the below picture, follow instructions below

Step 1

  1. Move your mouse cursor to the top middle of the screen, and a White toolbar should pop down.
  2. Click on the View, tab menu.

Step 2 

  1. In the View menu, click on Windowed.

2. Your Window should now re-size to a smaller size.

3. Click on View again, at the top of your window, and this time select Full Screen - All Monitors.

If this issue persists, repeat these steps again but select Full Screen - This Monitor.


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