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The university has over 40 printers around campus available for student printing. There is a printer in each residence hall as well as most computer labs around campus. JCU utilizes a service called Mobility Print to allow you to print directly from your device to your desired printer. It is compatible with all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android) and allows you to print via wireless to student printers on campus. This includes the printers that are a part of this program, Mobility Print, and the Papercut Server that supports this service.

Who is eligible to use it?

All current students. Faculty and staff are also able to use Mobility Print to print from personal devices.

How do I access it?

To install a Mobility Print enabled printer please follow the instructions on the download page.

How much does it cost?

At the beginning of each semester, each student is allotted 600 pages (or $6) of printing.

  • Black and White pages count as 1 page / $0.01
  • Color pages count as 7 pages / $0.07
  • Double sided pages count as 2 pages (b&w) / 14 pages (color) respectively

You can see your current balance as well as your printing log at: https://printsrv19:9192/user. An email alert will also be sent when your balance drops below $0.50.

Printer Locations

Public Spaces Computer Labs and Classrooms Residence Halls
Library Commons - several b&w printers and a color printer Bruening Hall 43 Bernet
Center for Digital Media (Grasselli 204)- color printer Dolan Science Center E122, E133, E223, E337 Campion
LSC In the Cubby Cafe Dolan Science Center W136, W236, W334 Dolan
The Undergraduate Lounge (by Saxby's) Grasselli Electronic Classroom 300 Hamlin
The Graduate Lounge (Grasselli 123) Murphy Computer Lounge (LSC 40) Millor
DSC West Spandrel (ground floor under the west staircase) O'Malley 101, 201, 203, 211 Murphy
  Writing Center (OC 207) Sutowski


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