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The university has over 20 printers around campus available for student printing. There is a printer in each residence hall as well as most computer labs around campus. JCU utilizes a service called Mobility Print to allow you to print directly from your device to your desired printer. It is compatible with all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android) and allows you to print via wireless to student printers on campus. 

This Article Covers:

  • Student Printing Basics
  • Mobility Print Instructions
  • Where can I find student printers?
  • Request for additional pages
  • Commonly asked questions

Student Printing Basics

  • At the beginning of each semester, each student is allotted 600 pages (or $6) of printing through the Papercut system. Every black and white page printed counts as a single page and each color pages count as 7 pages. Once the 600 pages have been expended, the student will not be able to print. Please note that double-sided pages count as 2 pages (2 pages B/W & 14 pages Color).
  • Students may print to any of the student printers available on campus from their own devices or from any of the computer labs on campus.

Printer Locations


Computer Labs and Classrooms

Residence Halls

Library Commons - 2 B/W & Color Bruening Hall 43 (Boler Ground floor) Bernet
Center for Digital Media - Color Dolan Science Center E122, E133, E223 Campion
Library 3rd Floor Commons Dolan Science Center W136, W236, W334 Dolan
The Undergraduate Lounge (by Saxby's) Murphy Commons Lab (LSC 40) Hamlin
Boler College of Business (BCB 236) O'Malley Center 101, 201, 203, 211 Pacelli
DSC West Spandrel (1st floor under the west staircase) Writing Center (OC 207) Murphy

Mobility Print Set Up Instructions

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I add additional pages so I can print beyond my 600-page allotment?
Please submit a quota increase request.

I clicked the Print Job button and nothing has come out.
There are many possible reasons for this to happen. Please call the ITS Service Desk at 216.397.3005 and we will help you determine the cause.

What do I do if my output is damaged/unusable?
The public printers on campus are checked multiple times a day to insure proper functioning. However, misprints are possible. Should you receive a printout that is unusable or unacceptable, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 216.397.3005 or go to the Service Desk at 37 St. Ignatius Hall (formerly the Administration building).

Am I charged for two pages if I print on the front and back of a sheet? (Duplex printing)
Yes. You will be charged for two pages if you do duplex printing. We still encourage you to duplex as it helps with the university's green initiatives and reduces the use of paper. The Lorax would be pleased.

How many pages can I still print?
On a lab computer, the pop-up window that appears when you click on the print button shows the number of pages remaining on your print quota for the semester.
You can also check your balance at any time at https://printsrv19:9192/user

Help! My professor wants me to print too much. What can I do?
If a specific class requires a significant amount of printing, the faculty member can contact the ITS Service Desk to request that their students’ printing allotment be increased. However, it would be good practice to review the need for printing before requesting an increase. Not only is this fiscally responsible, but it is also a huge help to the environment.

Will I be “charged” for printing if there is no paper in the printer?
Yes. You are encouraged to check the printer for paper before you print.

Will I have enough pages allotted to my account to print all that is required by my courses?
Generally speaking, yes, 600 pages should get you through the semester. But, if a specific class requires a significant amount of printing, the faculty member can contact the ITS Service Desk to request that their student's printing allotment be increased.

I need to print many pages for my student organization. Why should I pay for this?
Information Technology Services is in discussion with Student Activities to resolve this situation.

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