Docking Station Issues


To troubleshoot and resolve docking station issues related to monitor, network, USB peripherals, and charging.


Before attempting the solutions, the user should have gone through the monitor troubleshooting guide and reseated the ethernet cable.


  • One or more monitors aren't working even after going through the monitor troubleshooting guide.
  • The laptop isn't seeing an wired network connection even after reseating the ethernet cable.
  • Some or all USB peripherals don't work when connected to the dock but do work when connected directly to the laptop.
  • The laptop is not charging when connected to the dock or gives a warning about a low-wattage charger.


Solution A

  1. Unplug the dock's power adapter (rectangular plug usually with yellow trim).
  2. Wait 15 seconds.
  3. Replug the power cable and see if the issue persists.

If that doesn't work also check the USB-C cable between the dock and laptop. Make sure both ends are secure. If the laptop has multiple USB-C ports try one of the others.

Solution B

  • Check the docking station's power adapter and make sure it is rated for 90 watts or more.
    • If it isn't, replace it with a higher-wattage adapter from the Service Desk.
      • ​​​​​​​

Solution C

  • Using Lenovo Vantage, check for and install any driver updates.
    • Specifically ones for the docking station or Thunderbolt ports.

Solution D

  • If the above solutions don't work open a ticket with the Service Desk for further troubleshooting.
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