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If a monitor does not power on or not display anything from the computer the following troubleshooting steps can help. If a laptop's built in screen isn't showing anything see the related Laptop Power and Laptop Startup articles.

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  1. Is the monitor's LED power light on? What color is it?
    1. Orange - Indicates the monitor is not getting a signal from the computer. See section 3.
    2. Blue - The monitor is on and getting a signal. If the monitor is still black this indicates the computer is showing a black screen. Try restarting the computer to see if it resolves it.
    3. No LED - monitor is not getting power. See section 2.
  2. No LED light
    1. Confirm that the monitor's power cord is securely plugged in.
    2. Try plugging the power cord into a different outlet.
    3. Try a different power cable.
    4. Contact the service desk to have the monitor replaced.
  3. If the monitor is getting power but not showing anything check that:
    1. The computer is powered on.
    2. The video cable connecting the computer (or dock) to the monitor is secure.
      1. Try reseating the cable even if it appears secure.
    3. On certain monitors you need to check what input it is set to. Most monitor's at JCU should autodetect the input.
    4. However, if it’s connected to a docking station try power cycling the dock by unplugging the power cord to it and replugging it.
    5. If the above doesn't help a technician should:
      1. Try a different video cable.
      2. Try a different monitor.
      3. Try a different computer.
  4. Check monitor inputs
    1. If the monitor does not have Displayport or HDMI imputs, replace with a new monitor from the Service Desk or the Warehouse
    2. Update inventory on both monitors


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