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Full-Time faculty & staff all receive a computing device and associated peripherals to do their day-to-day work. ITS also supports several computer labs around campus. Please see the related Printing and Classroom A/V service pages for printer and classroom hardware.


  • ITS handles the acquisition and deployment of computer hardware for faculty, staff, and computer labs.
  • Computer come with 4 year warranties.

Who is eligible to use it?

Faculty and Staff.


ITS provides 1 computer for each JCU employee. Additional computers require ITS approval and incur additional costs.

How do I request / access it?

To purchase equipment or request support please use the request buttons on the right. JCU computers can be logged into using your JCU credentials.

How much does it cost?

ITS's computer refresh program covers the cost of a new computer and associated peripherals after a computer's usable lifespan had been exceeded (currently about 4 years). Additional costs may apply for non-standard hardware. Please see the associated articles for more details.

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Hardware Support
Computer hardware troubleshooting and repair.