Connecting to the Wired Network in the Residence Halls

This article describes the different methods of connecting to the wired network in the residence halls. Each room has a wireless access point in it, and on the bottom edge of the AP there are available Ethernet ports to connect to.


  • The MAC address of the device. See the related MAC Address article.

This Article Covers:

  • Connecting a game console, TV, or smart device to the wired network
  • Connecting a computer to the wired network
  • Access point information

To connect a console or smart device

  1. Go to on a device already connected to the network.
    1. If you receive a message that the "connection isn't private", click on Advanced, then click on "Continue to extremenac..."Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  2. Log in with your full JCU credentials ( & Canvas password.
  3. Click Add.
  4. You can now enter the wired MAC address of the device you want to connect.
  5. Enter a description and then click submit.
  6. After the page says the submission was approved, connect your device to the access point in your room. Use the ETH2 port first. If your device has issues accessing the internet then try ETH1 instead.

To connect a desktop or laptop

  1. Connect your computer to the ETH3 port on your access point. See the section below.
  2. When prompted for credentials put in your JCU email address and your SSO password.
  3. If you aren't prompted for credentials, or for more detailed instructions see the 802.1X Wired Connection article.

Access point information

Important: In your room there is at least 1 access point. On the bottom or side of it, depending on how it was mounted, you will see 4 Ethernet ports.

  • ETH3 (number 5 in the picture below): Use this for desktop or laptop computers
  • ETH2 (number 4 in the picture below): Use this for game consoles, TVs, or any device that you've registered the MAC address for
  • ETH1 (number 3 in the picture below): This is a backup for ETH2. If your device cannot with ETH2 try this port
  • DO NOT USE PassThru port (number 2 in the picture below) 
  • The 12vDC port (number 1 in the picture below) is not used
Front of AP Side of AP
Front of access pointClick Image to View Ports on the side of an access point

Click Image to View

Access Point LED Status

  • Green color indicates normal operational status
  • Amber color indicates a non-operational status
  • No light indicates a non-operational status
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