Wireless, Wired Network & Telephones

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Connect to the Eduroam Network

Instructions for connecting to eduroam, the wireless network on campus.

Connect to the jcu_guest Network

Instructions for connecting to jcu_guest

Connecting to the jcu_iot Network

"jcu_iot" is a wireless network for devices that are unable to connect to "eduroam". Devices connected to "jcu_iot" do not have access to campus resources such as printers.

Connecting to the Wired Network in the Residence Halls

Instructions for connecting game consoles, smart TVs, and wired network devices to the wired network.

How to Find a Device's MAC Address

How to find a device's MAC address.

How to Forget a Network Connection

Instructions for forgetting a network connection.

Troubleshooting Eduroam - Windows

Troubleshooting tips for connection issues on a Windows computer.

Using 802.1X Authentication to Connect to the Wired Network

To connect a computer to the wired network in the residence halls you need to sign in with your JCU credentials. This article discusses how to set up that authentication.