Laptop Startup Issues

Laptop startup issues can be caused by a number of things. Please be sure to provide a detailed description of the issue including pictures or quotes of any error messages. Also look at the related Laptop Power Issues article especially if the laptop's screen doesn't turn on.

This Article Covers

    1. An error message about no OS found or no bootable device found
    2. Stuck at a screen that mentions PXE Boot or Boot Agent
    3. Windows Recovery loads instead of the normal login screen
  1. The laptop powers on but plays a tone instead of loading the OS.
  2. MacBook startup issues


  1. The power light is on but the screen is black.Emergency Shutoff Pin on the back of a Lenovo Thinkpad

    1. Try powering off the laptop by holding down the power button. Turn it back on and see if the issue persists.
    2. If the fans are also on high or if holding down the power button does not turn it off use the Emergency Reset Button to turn off the laptop, then power it back on.
      1. Laptops with an internal battery may have an emergency pin hole reset button on the bottom cover (see Emergency-reset hole in the laptop's user guide for more information).
      2. Use a straightened paper clip in the reset hole to reset the laptop.
      3. Make sure the laptop is unplugged from power when doing this.
    3. This could also be caused by a screen issue. Connect the laptop to an external monitor and see if it displays anything.
      1. Bring the laptop to the Service Desk. If it is a screen issue a warranty repair ticket will be opened for it and a replacement laptop will be given (for faculty/staff).
  2. The laptop powers on, but instead of loading Windows it displays an error.

    1. This set of errors indicates that there is an issue either with the SSD or with the OS. Bring the laptop to the Service Desk for further troubleshooting or potential replacement. Also, take a picture or write down a description of the error.
  3. The laptop powers on but plays a tone instead of loading the OS

    1. This typically indicates a hardware issue. Bring the laptop to the Service Desk for a technician to look up the beep code.
  4. MacBook Specific Troubleshooting

    1. Please see Apple's troubleshooting guide for issues with your MacBook starting up.
    2. For any steps that have you enter Recovery Mode or use the administrator account please contact the Service Desk to have a technician perform those steps.
    3. If your Mac doesn’t start up as expected
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