Laptop Power Issues

This article discusses possible solutions for when a laptop doesn't turn on or doesn't charge properly. If the laptop turns on but doesn't load Windows see the related Laptop Startup article.

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Troubleshooting Steps

  • The laptop is not turning on or getting power.

    • Check that the AC adapter is securely plugged into the wall and laptop.
    • Try a different power outlet.
    • Most Lenovo laptops have a LED light by the charging port. See if it is lighting up.
      • Lenovo Charing LED
      • If it has an led but doesn’t light up try using a different power adapter.
      • If it still doesn’t light up  that indicates an issue with the laptop’s power circuitry. Bring the laptop to the Service Desk for replacement.
  • The laptop's battery is not charging.

    • Follow the steps above to make sure the laptop is getting power.
    • If the laptop has an external battery, remove and reseat it.
    • Make sure the power adapter is the appropriate wattage. Generally for Lenovo laptops it’s 65W or 90W.
  • The laptop works when connected to power, but shuts off immediately when unplugged.

    • Follow the laptop charging steps above.
    • Bring the laptop into the Service Desk for replacement / warranty repair.
  • ​​​​​​​MacBook Specific Troubleshooting

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