Eduroam Troubleshooting for MacOS

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  • This article provides troubleshooting steps if you are having difficulty connecting to eduroam. 


  • Correct credentials (you can test your credentials by logging into
  • Current Student, active faculty or staff employment status

Connecting Normally

  • Navigate to the wifi icon at the tom right corner of your screen near the time
  • Click "eduroam" 
  • Enter your credentials making sure to use your entire email address, and your password

  • After a few moments you will see messaging about a certificate, in order for the wifi to work correctly you must click "continue". If we fail to do so, your wifi will not work correctly.

  • Following this, click on the same wifi icon used earlier, and eduroam should now show as connected, and you may begin browsing the Internet to test. 
  • In some situations, this process may not work, and we may be met with this message: 

  • If this message displays, click cancel, and proceed to the troubleshooting steps below.

Manually Joining Your Mac to eduroam

  • Navigate to the wifi icon we used before and click "Wi-fi Settings" 

  • Click Other

  • Fill out the first field as pictured below, and the credential fields with your JCU username and password, and click ok.

  • The same Certificate pop up mentioned earlier will come up, and you need to click continue for the Internet to work correctly
  • If after these steps, your device still will not connect, please reach out to the Service Desk at 216-397-3005, or open a ticket with us and be sure to mention you have already gone through these steps so we can move your issue along accordingly 
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