Office 365 Activation Issues

If Microsoft doesn't properly detect your Office 365 license you may get a message when opening Word/Excel/PowerPoint that you have View-Only access.


  • You are using Microsoft Office 365 on a personal device
  • You are a current student or employee

This Article Covers:

Check that you are signed in

First make sure you are logged into MS Office with your JCU account. (If you are unable to signing to with your JCU credentials, please contact the Service Desk)  Open one of the Office apps, then follow Microsoft's instructions here for logging into Office.

Sign out and back in

Signing out and back into Office will refresh the license and oftentimes resolve activation issues.

  1. Instructions for signing out of Office
  2. Instructions for signing into Office

Uninstall and reinstall Office 365

If the previous methods don't help you may need to uninstall Office in order to remove any licensing info before attempting to reinstall it.


  1. Uninstall Microsoft Office from the Programs and Features section of Control Panel.
    1. For more details see Option 1 from Microsoft's Uninstall article.
  2. Follow the steps for installing Office 365 to reinstall Office.
  3. If you continue to have issues try uninstalling Office again, this time using Microsoft's uninstall tool.
    1. See Option 2 from Microsoft's Uninstall article.


  1. Go to and click the Download button on the right.
  2. Run the package once it finishes installing.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Click through the installer until you get to the Installation Type section. Checkmark the Completely  Remove Microsoft Office option, then click continue.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  4. Click Install to begin the uninstallation.
  5. When it finishes restart your Mac, then follow the steps for installing Office 365.


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