Recycling Empty Toner Cartridges

JCU ITS and ComDoc want to make sure that copier and printer empty toner cartridges stay out of the trash and instead get reused/recycled.  Please see the steps below on how to recycle empty ink and toner cartridges.


  • Toner for the printer or copier is provided by ComDoc.

This Article Covers:

HP Printer Toner Cartridge Recycling

  1. After replacing your ink cartridge, place the old cartridge back in the white HP box  
  2. Remove the HP Planet Partners booklet from the box and open to find a return address shipping labelUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Place the shipping label on the box, covering up the old shipping label if possible
  4. Drop the box at the Mail Center Window or with your outgoing mail and the Mail Center will send the old cartridge back to HP for reuse/recycling
  5. If the cartridge box was not saved or older non-HP toner was used, please bring the toner cartridge to the recycling box in the Mail Center and deposit just the cartridge in the box Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Xerox Copier Toner Recycling

  1. Bring empty toner cartridges and toner waste bottles from Xerox copiers to the Mail Center to be placed in the Toner Recycling Box
  2. Be sure to remove empty cartridges from all packaging, just empty toner and waste bottles should be placed in the bin, all packaging should be placed in recycling or waste containersUploaded Image (Thumbnail)


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