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ITS provides and supports printers for all departments and computer labs on campus. 

Who is eligible to use it?

All faculty and staff. Please see the Student Printing page for public student printers.


  • All printer purchases should go through ITS to make sure the purchase is compliant with existing contracts, and that the appropriate type and number of printers are purchased for a given area. 
  • Printer access is restricted by department. 
  • For student workers and grad assistants a staff member from their department must submit a printer access request for them.

How do I request / access it?

To connect to a department printer please see the Printer Mapping knowledge base articles on the right. To request a new printer please fill out the form on the right.

Toner replenishment and printer repairs

Printer supplies and repairs are handled by our printing partners (ComDoc for most printers, Meritech for a few). To order new toner, drums, or other replaceable parts please contact the phone number on the ComDoc sticker on the front of the printer. 

In addition to calling the ComDoc 1-800 number, faculty and staff now have the option to order online. Please see the article on the right on how to quickly set up a MyComDoc account and request service and toner for your printer or copier.

ComDoc also handles most printer repairs. If you are experiencing the following symptoms you should open a support ticket with them

  • Print quality issues - if printed pages are faint or have lines or defects on them.
  • Continuous jamming - if the printer jams on a consistence basis.

If the printer is reporting as offline, if you need assistance clearing a jam, or if you are unsure if a ComDoc technician is needed please contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Printer Support Request Access for a Student Worker Request a Printer

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Service Offerings (3)

Student Worker Printer Access
Request access for a student worker to have access to their department's printers.
New Printer
Request form for a new printer.