Equipment Rental & Event Support


ITS offers both AV equipment and support services for events on campus. 


  • Speaker Systems
  • Mobile Zoom Carts (on campus only)
  • Projectors
  • Microphones
  • Oncall and In-person Support

Who is eligible to use it?

Faculty, staff, students, and outside clients reserving university spaces through the Facilities Department.

Where can I get it?

Most equipment is available in all campus buildings and outdoor spaces (weather permitting) and is subject to availability. We also have some portable speaker systems that can be used for off-campus events, but transportation and setup are the user's responsibility.

How do I request / access it?

Submit a request through TeamDynamix or CourseDog. Submissions must be received at least one week in advance.

How much does it cost?

Equipment Description Price
Small Audio System Bose Compact or Mackie $10
Medium Audio System JBL Eon MK2 $25
Large Audio System JBL PRX One, Bose Tower $50
Wireless Audio Shure or Battery Powered System $10
*All audio systems include wired microphones at no additional charge, subject to availability.
Equipment Description Price
TV Cart Zoom Capable, Computer Hook Up $25
Projector   $20
Connect 2 Carts Extra hardware and setup is required to run dual displays $15
Equipment Description Price
Live Stream Production 1 PTZ Camera and Audio - Requires Zoom meeting or Youtube Live stream, as well as Additional Hourly Tech Support $50
Equipment Description Price
Hourly Tech Support - ITS Student Support ITS Student Employee will be on site to support event during requested time $25
Hourly Tech Support - ITS Professional Support ITS Full-Time Employee will be on site to support event during requested time $50
*Events happening outside the operating hours of the IT Service Desk or on the Weekends are double the respective rate listed above

**All rentals not returned during the agreed-upon date and time will incur a late fee of $25 a day

***All rentals that take place on the weekend or off campus have a $25 fee

Rental Policies

AV equipment rentals and event support are services that ITS offers to the JCU community, please note that all events are subject to the availability of equipment and staffing, The request is not guaranteed until confirmed by Service Desk staff.

  • All equipment rentals for use on-campus include setup and tear down in their price. 
  • Custom setups are available but may incur additional charges.
  • ITS requests a minimum of one week lead time for all requests.

Request & Confirmation

Equipment rentals can be made through Facilities space request (CourseDog) or through our System. All requests will have an accompanying ITS Ticket. Once a ticket is created you will be contacted by our staff with any additional questions and to confirm everything. Please note that your request is not confirmed until you hear from our AV or Events Coordinator. Please look for a ticket from "" in your email.

Damaged Equipment

The renter assumes all liability for maintaining equipment if an ITS Tech is not present for the event. The renter will be charged full MSRP, minus rental cost, for any equipment that is damaged or broken during the event.


Inclement weather may prevent delivery of equipment if the equipment is stored in a different building than where the event is taking place. If this is the case, no monetary charge will come to the organization.
If this is an outdoor event, Renter is responsible for getting equipment under proper cover and out of the elements. If equipment is damaged due to inclement weather, please see the Damaged Equipment policy above.

Drop off

If the event is happening outside the operating hours of the IT Service Desk, the renter is responsible for dropping equipment off by 9 a.m. the following business day, or between noon & 1 pm on weekends. If the drop-off window is missed, the organization will be charged a $25 late fee per day after the agreed-upon drop-off time.

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